In Bern, Switzerland there is an old Gasthaus with a vignette done in silhouette of early locals engaged in daily activities parading across the facade of the building.  There is something calming and reassuring about this tableau.  The muted grays on this overcast day.  The border ornamentation.  The black silhouettes depicting caricatures of the fat friar, dogs and playing children, a wedding, and even a funeral give a simple reassurance that life is a continuum and, as such, will continue to be.

This was a large wall and I took the photo in sections shot in RAW.  I blended the images for exposure to ensure maximal tonal range and then I stitched them all together.  I played with the transformation to eliminate all lens distortion and straightened the lines to create a border within a border within a border.  The result is a high resolution, monumental photograph with an intimate feel.


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